Ever heard of the famous tagline of Ghost Busters? “Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!” Just like their tagline, when you are having problems with your pipe at home you better call the best plumber in SG! Having a licensed professional to fix your pipe needs will keep you from getting any more frustrated and spending a lot of money. Just think of the possible accidents that could happen if you ignore that leak in your kitchen or bathroom. This could lead to damage to property and lives living with you. Therefore, below are the lists of the few things to keep in mind when you need to contact an emergency plumbing service.

Burst Pipe

You just got home from work and found out that your bathroom is like a pool filled with tons of water because of the burst pipe. Aside from going to the hassle of having to clean the wet mess it left your wallet will also suffer to replace all the damaged items, furniture, and such in your home. However, even if the room is not flooded problems with burst pipes still cannot be prevented. This is why you have to ensure that important electronic wiring or furniture is kept away from the pipes to prevent accidents and casualties. Also, before worse comes to worst you need to contact an emergency plumbing service now!

Clogged Toilet

Nobody wants to see a clogged toilet especially after someone has made number two! But number two is not the only reason why toilets get clogged. This could also be the cause of tissue paper or someone might have dropped something like soap and such making the whole toilet bowl clogged and flood your bathroom floor. Better have a plumbing service before the toilet monster shows up from inside the bowl.

Sewer Backup

If you hate the stench coming from your toilet then consider the stench from the sewer. It not only makes it hard for you and your family to breathe but can also cause harmful and infectious diseases for everyone in your home. This could be due to the roots that have piled up in sewer lines making it hardly impossible for the water to flow regularly instead it makes its way through the pipes in your home. Just thinking about it sends chills down my spine. This is a crisis and thus you should immediately contact an emergency plumbing service.



No matter what problem you are encountering that needs plumbing service from the simplest problem or worst you better not ignore or underestimate it. Remember that health is more important above all but you are not able to attain this if your house is not maintained well. You need to do regular checkups to prevent things from getting worse. It is true that you need to pay for their service but that is much better than having to pay for hospital service bill and medicine. Anyway, if ever you experience one of these issues with your pipe, drainage, or sewer, you better call the plumbing service for preventive measures or resolution. Find out more at SG1 plumber.