Air-conditioners make a living at home more comfortable. They keep the house cool on a hot summer day and provide cool temperatures at night for good night’s sleep. Air-conditioners come in different types, models, shapes and sizes that provide comfort to any place suitable. It is man’s great invention providing comfort not only in our homes but also at work, school and all other public places such as malls, hotels, restaurants, etc.

As a machine, air-conditioners are subject to break and get damaged over time. They require proper care and maintenance to prolong its useful life in providing a comfortable living to everyone. Therefore it is important that if any signs of problems are found, it should be diagnosed early to avoid the problem from escalating further resulting in damage of your air-conditioner. Thus, it is very useful to take note of the important parts of your air-conditioner that you need to take care of as a future reference.

The important parts of an air-conditioner are as follows;

1. Air Compressor – this is a motor that pumps and pressurizes the refrigerant gas. This is where the refrigerant gas is condensed to facilitate in the cooling of air. It facilitates the continuous cycle of producing cool air in the air-conditioner.

2. Condenser – this part of the air-conditioner is placed outside the house, ideally in a cool and shaded location. This part is responsible for extracting heat from gas and helps in producing cool air in the air-conditioner.

3. Condensing Coil – this is where the refrigerant gas passes after condensation. It makes the gas cool and removes the excess heat producing the cool air coming from the air-conditioner.

4. Fan – this blows in the cool air indoors and blows out hot air outside the building. Without this the coolant will become warm and cool air will not be produced. The air-conditioner will not produce and blow out cool air without the fan.

5. Filters – this filters allergens and pollutants from air passing through the air-conditioner providing clean air in the room. This part needs to be cleaned regularly due to accumulation of dust which causes cooling problems.

6. Thermostat – this is the temperature control in the air-conditioner, it sets the cool temperature you want indoors. It is a sensor that measures indoor temperature and a gauge to find out if the air-conditioner is cooling enough.

7. Belts – this keeps the air-conditioner motor working. The is important because without it the compressor will not work. It is important to make sure that belt is not loose, worn out or broken.

These are the important parts of your air-conditioner that you need to take care of. Any malfunctioning part will indicate a problem on your air-conditioner. The proper care and maintenance of these important parts can help lengthen your air-conditioner’s life. Whenever signs of problems start to manifest, fixing one of these important parts or replacing them may help solve the issue. Cool Earth Aircon can do this for you. If you want to know more about their services, click here for more.