To homeowners, comfortable room is a well-ventilated room for anyone who wants to relax after a long day of work. Most households have AC unit to be more comfortable even on humid days. However air conditioning unit isn’t always in good condition to give us the comfort we want. Sometimes we complain about the low wind stream from our aircon unit because it does not give sufficient cooling effect in our room. The indoor airflow of any airconditioning device is very crucial to the function of the AC unit, yet it is also one that is being neglected by many during air-con services.

Below is helpful information to remedy the low wind current from your air conditioning unit.

1. Ensure that you have set the temperature properly. See to it that the condenser is working. You know it is working if it makes clamor occasionally. Furnace filters should be messy-free and clean from dust, insects or fabric that could impede the wind stream of your AC. Clean the coils as well and the fan blades.

2. Check if the duct work of the AC is a station in the manner that won’t hinder or limit the airflow. Remove those that block, or reconnect if you see disconnection in the duct runs. Evaluate if you moved out some of your furniture or remodel your room that your system might not be able to cool it properly anymore and you need to ask for help in your duct work.

3. AC unit should have sufficient air vent. The same concept when you blow air to a hose. If both ends of the hose are open, then you can blow as much air as the span of the hose takes into consideration but also know that if your AC size and capacity is too much, it will also cause inefficiency. So, you should installed air conditioning unit that is fit for your need. 4. If you experience uneven temperature in some parts of the house, then there might be some problem with the thermostat or its battery is already drained. While leakage in the refrigerant can also be the cause of the poor airflow, this can be done with the help of your AC technician in which he needs to perform a leak test.

So instead of spending bucks for a service technician, check first the information above if it can help you bring out the best performance of your aircon unit. As much as it sounds good if you can fix it yourself, it would save you more money if you do it sooner rather than later because it can harm the compressor of your air conditioning unit. Getting more info on why aircon is not cold is a good way to avoid additional costs. Even if air conditioning unit sometimes fails to deliver us comfort due to its wind stream problem we can minimize it by cleaning our air conditioning unit regularly. Doing some check up on the ductwork, fan blades and its motors and keeping it from leakage. Maintaining our air conditioning unit still in our hands and the better we know how to take care of them the longer it will serve us. If you have exhausted all options on your own and you air-conditioner is still broken, it would be best to consult a reputable company like Billy Aircon in Singapore.