While having fun activities in the sun during summer, the
last thing anyone wants to be dealing with is plumbing issues. But there is no
denying that when you are having the backyard parties with your family and
friends your plumbing is also getting much worked out. Things like washing
machines, sinks, sprinkler systems, are all in high risks of malfunctions,
leaks, and breaking.

However, all these plumbing problems are a way of life, and
the best thing is to stay aware and prepared of some of the common plumbing
problems during the summer so that you can get plumber services or
better yet, prevent them. The rest of this article is going to point the common
problems you should look out for.

1. Clogged garbage disposal

Barbecues and massive cook outs are the most common during
summer. All this are delicious, but they cause great problems to our garbage
disposal especially if the bones, corn cobs, celery, grease, fruit remains, and
potatoes are not disposed of in the right manner. The simplest way to avoid
breaking your garbage disposal is making sure that when dispersing the waste it
is evenly distributed and that you oversee how much disposal is done every
time. Run the water for a while to wash out the food residue.

2. Clogged toilets

The many guests, children on holiday, and the whole family
gathered can cause pressure to the toilet. All because of the frequent in and out
movements to the toilet by people who in return are using too much toilet paper
which will later accumulate clogging the toilets. The kids especially tend to
use too much toilet paper or sometimes even flushing down toys and towels. The
best way to face this is educating them on how much tissue paper they should
use or putting tissue pieces that they can readily use. In case the toilet
clogs you can use a plunger to lessen the tissue papers or to push whatever is
blocking the toilet to drain.

3. Sprinkler leaks

Nothing makes summer beautiful like blooming flowers, green
grass in the backyard, and the herbs in the garden popping. This results to the
sprinkler being over worked if it’s one, and not properly maintained. It will
get damaged and start leaking. During summer the sprinklers easily get damaged
since they had been dormant during winter. During the time they are in the store,
they collect dirt, they tear and more often get clogged by rust. It is
important to ensure that you do a thorough cleaning to the sprinkler and remove
any grass on it. Replace any broken ones since a broken one is likely to raise
the water bill.

4. Difficulty with the washing machine

Having the extra swimsuits and clothes during the summer is
certainly overworking your washing machine. The load becomes too much to handle
that they finally start leaking or worse break and you have to replace with a
new one. All this is expensive but to avoid all this, you can ensure the
machine gets proper maintenance and make sure that if the clothes are too many,
they are not washed all at ones, and so it gets a break.

To ensure that you enjoy your summer and have a peace of
mind without wasting money and time, make it a habit of inspecting all these
items in your home from time to time. Most of the common plumbing problems
during the summer are preventable.