Heart Support of America is a 501(c)(3) charity which raises funds for the purpose of providing education, program services, and primarily direct aid to heart patients.

Examples of direct aid are grants to individuals and institutions to help pay for cardiac prescription drugs, meals for families of heart patients, and sometimes transportation and lodging related to specific cardiac care.

Under no circumstances is the identity of our patients, or the institutions to whom we provide grants released for solicitation purposes. The only circumstances in which any names would be released to the press is on written request of a patient or institution for the purpose of a human interest story.

Our desire is to serve the cardiac patient and their family in need through the processing of individual applications and through establishing grants to various social service departments.
Should you require further information, please contact our main office at 6101 Stephens Hill Way, Corryton, TN, 37721.


Heart Support of America, heart diesease, financial air, heart support, chelation therapy, heart donations, heart charity, heart disease non profit, charitable heart organization, health education, heart surgeryTo perform the duties of a charitable, scientific and educational organization.

To promote and provide education, financial assistance, aid and support to heart patients with limited or depleted financial resources.

To provide grants, commodities and gifts-in-kind to hospices and other health care providers.

To procure and distribute donated merchandise to various 501(c)(3) non-profit health/community service organizations who aid the ill, needy, malnourished and infants.

To assist federal, state, and local governments in the provision of services to the public and to alleviate suffering and distress in the United States and other foreign states by aiding the poor, sick, and malnourished.

To assist federal, state, and local governments in times of crisis and of emergency.

To the query, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” respond, “Yes.”

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